Welcome to my Sound of the Mandolin web page.
These sounds were recorded on a Sony R30 Minidisc recorder using my
  • "T" style stereo mike. They were recorded June 5th and June 6, 1999, in the vestibule of the Fine Arts building on Maryville college. There is a little hiss in the background. That is not tape hiss, it is the fans that were running to cool the room down.
    The sound samples are shown in the order they were recorded. Most were played by John Reischman and three were played by Steve Kaufman the following day under similar conditions (minus the crowd)
    Have fun,
    Jim Coon

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  • Here is a composite of the first half of the mandolins liste below
  • And the second half Can you match them up? Remember that louder doesn't always mean better. It is the quality of the sound as well as the volume.

  • Sounds of Various Mandolins tested at Kaufman Mando Kamp June 99

  • John Reischman's Loar
  • Dearstone 1998
  • O. Schmidt
  • Gibson 1918 A4, new x-braced top by
    bill bussmann... original one caved in due to storage in a hot attic

  • John Bird's Kentucky Dawg
  • Gilchrist 1998 model 3
  • Randy Wood 1995
  • Heiden 1998
  • Gibson '93 F5L
  • Krishot 1998
  • R Wwood '99
  • Dudenbostel #1
  • Gibson Webber 1995 A model
  • Gibson 1914 F4
  • Clif Sargent
  • Gilchrist 1979 M. Compton
  • Oldwave
  • Gibson '23 A4
  • Flatiron A5-JR 1986
  • Samick '99 F style Flat scroll
  • Ovation 1996
  • Loar again
  • Jim's frist web page